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Fountain Day!

Fountain Day is June 13th. 2nd annual fountain day...

Now is the time to plot locations of fountains and calculate the volume of water that will have to be affected, so that a speedy stealth run can be accomplished on the 13th. Leave nothing to chance.


Wingsday is this Saturday. Just in case you needed a reason to dress up and wear wingsies. I will be around town dropping off tiny wings at select locations and generally winging people.
running, bomb tech

Stealth Daylight Mission: Maps

I'm a bit of a curmudgeon. So when I saw a recent post that had about 1 out of 5 words misspelled, I was about to facetiously suggest that we write a Fairy Dictionary for the whole being able to read posts thing, but then I had a Better Idea.


Maps are magical already, and we could easily have some fun.

And then we could leave them in the maps section of the library. Several different libraries.

It would be a stealth daylight mission. We'd have to walk into the library (with or without wings on) and be quiet, and find the maps section, and carefully leave behind a map featuring places that most people can't find when they're mundane.

The library by Metrocenter already has a Yellow Brick Road.